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Storage Unit

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Today I bought a storage unit so I could move out of the apartment I’ve been renting and make way for a new tenant. I’ll just couch surf for a couple of weeks until I’m ready to move to Kansas.

But moving into a storage unit required unpacking some of my old life that’s been in warm storage since the days when I had a real apartment. Little things, luxuries, things I haven’t needed in the year John’s been letting me stay with him, Like an alarm clock that’s not my cellphone and the pictures from my old kitchen, things that make it feel like home. And then random things like extra soap, stamps, the coin jar from that apartment still full of coins. All having been neatly waiting above my mothers garage for me to get a real place again.

It got me thinking about this crazy life of mine, that requires me on a semi-annual basis to move suddenly from the place I’d been calling home and transition.

Here I am looking at those pictures that were boxed up the last time I had to get out quickly, and still they’re not ready to come out, they’re going to storage until i get a trailer to move them to Kansas. Hopefully there I’ll get a nice big apartment, without roommates, and set everything up and relax completely into my home.

And it got me thinking “Am I too attached to material possessions?” Which is an annoying idea to come to mind as one backs all their belongings into a 5×5 cell. But seriously…

If I’m called to live life at a low income with limited dependability, Life not knowing where exactly I’ll live next year, then why do I keep accumulating possessions? Is that righteous?

Maybe I’m not supposed to settle down

Maybe My life in Kansas will be just as transitional, alumni house, to dorm room, maybe a too-small apartment while i get all the funding in…

Because Lord, If I’m called to live my life on an air mattress in the back of my truck with nothing but a change of clothes and a bible I am ready and willing, but you’ve got to let me know because if that’s the case then I really don’t need an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier.

Here’s to hoping for smoother traveling ahead!


Written by RyanGaffney

August 3, 2010 at 3:19 am

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