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Is Your Car a Christian?

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I had a professor once who was brilliant, but a terrible educator. I mean just awful. I think we all  had one like him at one point during out educational careers. He was educated at oxford and got some absurd level of honore mangus dolorem, but he was so particular and meticulous about the finest details of how things should be said or done, that we spent more time learning how not to piss him off than we did about actual theology.

I recall him having been once invited to teach a course on “Christian Ethics” which he patently refused. But offered instead to teach a course on “Christians, and Ethics” because it was his conviction that ethics could not be Christian, and so he would not teach about such nonsense.

“I will not call anything a Christian” he said “Unless I can baptize it!”

Well alright Professor.

“Doctor!” he would say

Alright Your Great Majesty Reverend Professor Doctor B.S. M.Div. PhD DDS

But here’s the thing.
He had a point.

why do we walk around going to christian coffee houses and playing christian video games when that sort of thing isn’t
possible anyway?

I made the point previously that that sort of thinking amounts to gnosticism. (and it does) but there’s another problem with it that is perhaps easier for lay people to understand.

It’s stupid.

Is your Car a christian?
What about your shirt?

I don’t have a car, but my shirt is considering Hinduism.

Oh wait? Is that ridiculous?

Can shirts not be Hindu? Then why do the shirts which you tell me are christian cost more?


Maybe… Just maybe… we should consider that shirts can’t be Hindu or Christian, and the people that sell us inanimate objects they say are Christian are just scamming us so they can charge more for an inferior product.


Written by RyanGaffney

April 20, 2011 at 12:29 am

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