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The Wonderful Plan

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If God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life (and I believe he does)

Then what is it?

It seems to me that the same comfortable North American Christians who like that wording, are the same people who are least likely to actually have anything going in their faith (with the possible exception of evangelism)

That phrase has actually come to be synonymous with prosperity gospel in some circles, as if the “wonderful plan” involved Ferraris and movie deals.

I’m ready to defend the phrasing because I’m sure that was not the original intent of Campus Crusade when they wrote it, but I think the way it’s been used speaks volumes to how little thinking we do about what this plan might be.

I think God’s plan for my life has involved unspeakable adventure, intermittent homelessness, extravagant blessing and the opportunity to change the world. God called me to a life of ministry where I have been pushed constantly to the very brink of my abilities as together He and I acomplish wonderful things.

I think he wants the same thing for you. Your path will look different, but ultimatly I think God’s plan for Christians is about saving the world.

The theological parlance for all this is “In sanctification we are privileged to participate with Christ in global redemption.”

But that translates to “God wants to have you save the world.”

How’s that for wonderful?

You can start today, don’t wait for writing in the sky. Go make the world a better place, pray a lot, ask God to guide you.

He’ll redirect you if you try to do the wrong good thing, I promise.

How are you going to change the world this week?


Written by RyanGaffney

April 28, 2011 at 3:15 am

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