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Letting Go: C&T

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Here is a like to a group that I know I should give up on


Why in the world is it so hard to let go?

I’ve preached the sermon a million times in pulpits and coffee shops, you don’t need to work yourself ragged, Sabbath is a commandment, it’s arrogant to think God needs you for everything. But it’s a lot easier to say about other people’s projects.

oLast year I was a part of a group called Cigars and Theology. It was a good group, a bright spot on the landscape where people spoke openly about big ideas. Although I neither smoked nor drank, it was my kind of place,

This year the organizer got busier, meetings got farther apart, and he finally decided he didn’t have room on his plate for the meetup. I was not content to see it die so easily, so I picked it up to see what I might do with it. There was an existing contact list, all I had to do was schedule events, right?

Wrong. Turns out the months of decline left virtually the entire group inactive, and I’ve now sunk several hours into planning and going to poorly attended meetups, and trying to sent e-mails and revitalize a dead site for a dead group. But God’s a God of resurrection!

I have an incredible girlfriend. I run a ministry on a college campus that’s going really well, I’m a full time student at a different campus, and on Sundays I preach for peanuts at dying churches for extra practice. It’s not like I don’t have enough to do for the kingdom.

But something in my just will not let go of this. I’m waiting for the blowout, the nail in the coffin, but I;ve also seen a hundred ministry structures do this while I roll my eyes that they can’t let anything go without leaving claw marks in it.

We are like the disciples after the Ascension. Always looking at where Jesus was recently, not doing his work today.


Written by RyanGaffney

June 3, 2015 at 11:43 pm

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