Fear Of Whales

Tales of a reluctant minister


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So what’s your blog about and why in the world is it called “Fear of Whales”?

Well I’ll tell you.

It was actually originally called “Not That Kind Of Christian” and subtitled “The Ramblings of a Mad Heathensaint” but eventually I grew to feel that that title was just a bit too in your face. that work christian hanging there in the title as if I had to fit it in someplace so people would know, offset by some pretty obvious divisive language. It’s just no good for a title, it functions more as a summary.

This is a blog about my theological thoughts. It’s a venue of self expression for me, I write primarily for myself, and for God, and I invite you to read it with the understanding that not all the ideas contained herein are thoroughly developed, neither are they thoroughly orthodox (depending on your definition of that word) They’re thoughts.

And I’ve tried as hard as I dare, not to pull the punches.

The new name “Fear or Whales” is an allusion to the Jonah story, and my own call to ministry. Christ called me as an 18 year old boy after I’d seen my father in ministry for years and I didn’t want to go. but you see the thing is, I’m afraid of whales!

Perhaps less hyperbolicly I am willing to trust, that despite my preferences God knows what he is doing and it would not serve me well to fight that. I’m not you’re average minister, I’m a bit of a square peg in a round hole among the christian community, I’m a bit of a rebel with a cause, I’m a bit of a giant nerd.

These are my thoughts


Written by RyanGaffney

August 9, 2010 at 7:58 pm

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  1. Well, Jonah was called to state the truth, however uncomfortable it made him or his listeners feel. Of course, as I recall, he continued to argue with God that God would choose to spare a people Jonah felt undeserving of such love and mercy. It’s good to know God takes us broken folks and uses us for his glorious purposes if we will just show up, as we are. We are, after all, each and everyone “a bit of a giant nerd.” Umm, if you know you’re a nerd, are you a true nerd?

    Frank Pray

    September 8, 2010 at 5:56 pm

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