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Hi There!

I wanted to write you and officially let you know about some upcoming changes in my life. Within the next few months I will be making a major ministry transition as I leave La Mirada United Methodist Church, Where I’ve served as Pastor to Youth and Young Adults, and move to Manhattan!

Manhattan, Kansas that is, to become the Director of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Kansas State University.

InterVarsity, If you’re not already aware is a national, interdenominational, ministry seeking to reach college students. In this letter I hope to begin a conversation with you about InterVarsity at KSU and share my heart.

College is an immensely pivotal period in the course of a person’s life and faith. I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics about how 80% of young people lose their faith in college, but perhaps you’ve never sat and considered some of the other factors that make this time so important for spiritual development. Most young people leave home for the first time during this part of their life and are confronted for the first time with the opportunity to become leaders. Students are deciding who they are and what they want to do fro the rest of their lives, and all the while they are seeking to learn, and pull together the central facts and ideas that they will need to be successful.

The goal of an InterVarsity staff worker is to enter a college community like this and develop a core of missional christian leaders, discipling and empowering them to become change-agents in their communities. Rather than focusing on conversion experiences, IV seeks to develop students in entirety, bringing them closer and closer to Christ, and equipping them to do the same to others. I believe this ministry philosophy will prove tremendously effective at KSU.

To get started I need to raise a total annual budget of about $50,000 and a lot more prayer! I’m looking for people who would join me in ministry in an attempt to make an eternal difference in the lives of more than 20,000 Wildcats. Will you prayerfully consider becoming a ministry partner with me this year?

In the next week or so I’ll be calling you in hopes of scheduling some time to talk more about this ministry. I’ll look forward to talking to you then.

In Christ,

Ryan Gaffney

1642 Coriander Dr. APT# D

Costa Mesa CA, 92626




Written by RyanGaffney

August 21, 2010 at 6:37 pm

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